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“Melanie’s Akashic reading for me touched on the deepest internal challenge I have, elucidated many options I have before me, and reminded me that I am, indeed, not alone on this life journey. She was very generous with her time, allowing a plethora of questions from me, and was such a clear channel for their answers. I cannot wait to have another. Thank you so much Melanie for sharing your gift.”



" Thank you so much for giving your time to read my Akashic Records. You are so accurate, comforting and validating!”


“I came out of this reading feeling comforted about my loved ones. Surprisingly, I found out more about myself and the “gifts” that I have. The reading validated what I have always felt and the important role I have on this earth. I am happier knowing this and truly feel proud of the love I have to offer others.”


"Thank you Melanie for your gift of an incredible, meaningful, deeply moving and precise Akashic Reading yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling so immersed in love and support and knowledge that I am not alone!!!"


"A joyful ride like a river raft. So other-worldly and Affirming."



"Today was amazing! Melanie’s channeling was spot on and brought me so much clarity. An extra unexpected bonus was hearing from loved ones in Spirit. I would recommend Melanie to anyone!" 


"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing session the other day. It was so incredibly profound and hit the core of my soul deeper than anything I’ve ever experienced like that. I spent that whole evening hand writing it all out so I could deepen the imprint even more. Thank you for your gift so much!" 


Some feelings after…






"Thank you so much, Melanie. That was profoundly powerful and beautiful! I will be reflecting and tuning into this session for some time to come. Thank you for your gift and healing!" 


"This was the first time I have ever experienced this, and I was not sure what to expect. I felt so incredibly happy, and calm, and I felt like I’ve been on the right path. Everything my spiritual family shared was comforting. I wanted to know more and more and more. I hope you feel this virtual humongous hug I’m giving you!!"


"Our session really helped bring me peace and has given me wonderful things to reflect on. Thank you!"


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