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Melanie Herz Promecene lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Chris and son Noah. She is a fifth generation Galveston BOI and graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and Parsons School of Design. She loves entertaining family and friends, exploring the arts through travel and understanding the universal human experience. Melanie’s favorite past time is discovering the world through her son’s eyes. 

Melanie’s work in the Akashic Records began well before she was consciously aware. She always loved the dream state – sleeping, in particular - awakening many times throughout life with a sense of heightened awareness and clarity. As she aged, growing into her skin and the desire for more contemplative moments, she would often hear the phrase, “There is more to life than what meets the eye.”


At a soul level, she always understood this truth. 


Her fascination learning and appreciating metaphysical and higher consciousness began in early childhood, having experiences that could not be rationally explained. As a youth she would feel vibrations when nobody was physically present. What she thought was her bed “shaking” was, as she later realized, her body vibrating to a higher frequency.  It wasn’t until much later in life that she understood this vibrational tuning that so frightened her was - in actuality, a gift that enabled her to hear, feel and experience phenomena that others around her did not physically notice. 

She kept this secret most of her life, hinting at it in her book, Grit & Magic: A Mother’s Story of Modern Adoption, highlighting Godwinks (life’s synchronicities and coincidences) that unfolded on the road to adopting her son. 


The universal stillness of the 2020 global pandemic propelled Melanie to hit her internal reset button. After 20 years in the interior design world, concluding the last seven as Vice President, Director of Interiors for a national design firm, a new life direction opened. The gifted quiet was her moment of exponential learning and growth. She realized that her childhood and early adult “experiences,” though initially misunderstood, served as important lessons, and aided her in building a foundation helping people explore, learn, and heal through the Akashic Records. 


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